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In 2009 the company «Donskoy Tabak» became the first enterprise in its field to receive international certificates for correspondence of the integrated management system (IMS) to international standards of ISO 9001:2008 «System of Quality Management. Requirements» and ISO 14001:2004 «System of Ecological Management. Requirements and Instructions for Use».

Corresponding international certificates were issued on basis of audit results carried out by the company «Bureau Veritas Certification».

IMS  is applied to development and production of tobacco products.

Purposes of system creation are laid out in its main documents — «Policy in the Field of Quality and Ecology» and in the «Manual of Integrated Management System».

Main principles if IMS functioning:

  • Customer orientation;
  • Process approach;
  • Management responsibility;
  • Resources management;
  • Constant improvement.

Active integrated management system increases the competitiveness of the «Donskoy Tabak» company, stabilizes its positions in the domestic market, gives advantages in its activity in international cooperation.

Policy in the field of quality and ecology

The highest goal of OJSC «Donskoy Tabak» in relation to tobacco products manufacture is provision of maximum competitiveness of the enterprise for the account of increase of customer satisfaction and decrease of negative environmental impact.

Ways for achievement of this goal:

  • Improvement of the enterprise’s management system by its further development on all levels of production, from working to the higher management in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004;
  • Products output in accordance with national legislative requirements to its quality;
  • Development and production of popular trends of a product, availability of the product in all price segments of the market;
  • Technological process organization with consideration to regulatory requirements in relation to waste products and atmospheric discharge;
  • Planning and implementation of events on  equipment upgrading and reduction of resource consumption;
  • Constant increase of personnel motivation on fulfilling of technological and environmental requirements.

Management of OJSC «Donskoy Tabak» taking responsibilities on provision of the enterprise with resources necessary for realization of this Policy calls the whole staff to become a team of associates, the understanding the importance of their role and responsibility in output of quality products, as well as decrease of environmental pollution.

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